Do I need breast implants plus a Lift?

Do I need breast implants plus a Lift?

Many women opt to have breast surgery to restore volume and/or improve the shape of their breasts after pregnancy. Here are some considerations when considering breast implants only vs. implants plus a lift.

Breast implants are most often round devices that are placed in the breast to provide more volume; however, implants alone will not correct the shape of the breast due to sagging or improve a low nipple position. In other words, breast implants provide a fuller version of your existing breast shape and will not change your unique anatomy. For example, if a patient has pre-existing sagging, implants will make the breasts look fuller and bigger, but they will still sit low on the chest.

Factors to consider for a breast implants procedure

When considering implants only versus implants plus a lift, there are many factors to consider.

  1. Nipple position: Often, after breastfeeding or weight loss, breasts can develop sagging with a low nipple position called ptosis and pronounced “toe – sis”. The nipple is no longer centred on the breast, and in the case of advanced Stage III ptosis, the nipple is at the lowest point of the breast. In this case, a breast lift can restore the shape and elevate the nipple position.
  2. Current breast shape: A breast lift will add more upper fullness; however, not to the extent of a breast implant. If a patient is seeking even more upper fullness/roundness and wants to restore their volume from deflation, they can consider breast lift combined with implants. Having said that, inserting large, heavy implants can make the breasts more likely to sag again over time. With breast augmentation and lift surgery, Dr. Andrade recommends patients consider smaller implants for this reason.
  3. One vs. two-stage process: Patients uncertain if they want both implants plus a lift may opt to have a breast lift first and then breast augmentation later or vice versa.

All of these options will also depend on your goals. At your consultation with Dr. Andrade, he takes thorough measurements that lead to a discussion of all of your options as well as the pros and cons of each, and the best route to take considering your specific goals. Alternatives such as simply wearing a padded bra or enhancing breast size with fat transfer can also be considered.

We recommend that, when doing research online, patients find before and after photos of those that have a similar breast shape to you for a better perspective on the various outcomes.

Dr. Andrade is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a major interest and practice focused on cosmetic breast surgery who inserts hundreds of breast implants annually. Also, Dr. Andrade is the sole owner of The York Plastic Surgery Centre and has hospital privileges at Southlake Regional Health Centre.