Overview – Correction of Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can be corrected surgically under local anaesthetic.  The procedure is straightforward and takes about 30 minutes per nipple. The sutures are absorbable and there is little downtime, although care must be taken to avoid excessive pressure on the nipples for 4-6 weeks while they are healing. This can be done with dressings or nipple protectors used for nursing.


This operation is done in Dr. Andrade’s accredited facility, The York Plastic Surgery Centre.  Once the anesthetic is infiltrated into the nipple, it is everted then a small incision is made at the base.  The lactiferous ducts and ligaments that cause the nipple to retract are severed, then special dissolving sutures are inserted to maintain the nipple in its proper everted position. A bulky dressing is applied to avoid pressure on the nipple in its everted position.  Some people find nipple shields to be helpful in avoiding excessive pressure on the nipples while they heal.

Benefits and Risks of Inverted Nipple Repair

The vast majority of clients are very happy with the new appearance of their nipples.  Complications like significant bleeding, infection, numbness, or wound healing problems are uncommon.  Rarely, nipple breakdown (necrosis) can occur, resulting in permanent loss of the nipple.   In addition, it is possible that the nipple could retract again.  Dr. Andrade’s technique has a low failure rate, but it is important to realize that breastfeeding will not be possible afterward.  Some surgeons purport to use a technique that preserves the lactiferous ducts.

Nonsurgical Options to Correct Inverted Nipples

Options to correct inverted nipples other than surgery include daily manipulation of the nipples to try to maintain an everted position, wearing piercings or other jewelry to help prevent them from retracting, or a suction device called the Niplette.  It applies gentle suction to the nipple, with the goal of stretching the lactiferous ducts that cause the nipple to retract.

Nipple Corrections

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