What to expect in a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

What to expect in a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

There is art and science behind choosing implants that best meet the patient’s goals and are suitable for each individual’s body type and frame. Dr. Andrade applies a multi-faceted consultation process to inform patients best when making important decisions about breast surgery and implant size.

All patients receive an in-person consultation with Dr. Andrade as we believe it to be of utmost importance to discuss any surgery with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Virtual consultations are not ideal, as best practices include taking accurate measurements, examining a patient’s skin tone & elasticity, and checking for lumps – none of which can be done virtually. Also, in-person consultations allow the patient to try on sizers during the appointment to get a sense of the different sizes and profiles available and how they may fit your body.

Firstly, Dr. Andrade conducts a proper review of the patient’s medical history to determine if any factors may affect surgery and/or outcomes.

Dr. Andrade then asks the patient about her specific goals and desired outcome. Often patients will bring in photographs of other people who have had breast augmentation. When doing research, it is important to look for photos of people with similar breast shapes and sizes in the “before” section to understand what is realistic on your body.

Breast Area Examination

Then, a thorough examination of the breast area includes taking accurate measurements of the breasts and nipple positions. Dr. Andrade takes photos as a guide to demonstrate to patients how this information affects the size and profile limitations on the patient’s body.

Provided the patient does not have significant ptosis (breast sagging), Dr. Andrade may be able to use a virtual 3D imaging machine to take photos of the patient and then implant sizes can be selected in the computer program to produce virtual images (at many angles) of the potential results. Since this device needs to obtain images of the entire breast to render a 3D picture, it is ineffective if there is sagging and the underside of the breast is not visible. It is also important to note that no 3D virtual image is a guaranteed accurate depiction of the final result, as every person’s body will change differently when implants are inserted. No current technology can perfectly predict the outcome.

If the patient has sagging, Dr. Andrade will measure the nipple position to determine the degree of ptosis and discuss the pros and cons of a breast lift with implants. Breast implants will provide more volume; however, they will not correct sagging or a lower nipple position.

Pros and cons of breast procedures

If a patient is interested in other options, such as using fat to increase breast size (ie: lipofilling), Dr. Andrade will discuss the pros and cons of breast implants versus fat transfer to the breasts.

Based on the patient’s measurements and stated goals, Dr. Andrade will provide a range of implant profiles and sizes for the patient to try on.

Dr. Andrade also reviews the risks and benefits of breast implant surgery so that the patient is aware prior to booking surgery.

Dr. Andrade has been in practice since 2005 and has inserted thousands of implants. He owns and operates his own private surgical centre in Newmarket and has privileges at Southlake hospital.

Following the consultation, any patient who books surgery with Dr. Andrade will receive a complimentary second sizer appointment to choose the implant size prior to the surgery date.

Our Cosmetic Surgery Manager assists Dr. Andrade during the consultation and is able to assist with any questions following the consultation preoperatively. Angelina ensures everything is organized and taken care of leading up to the surgery date.