Top-Rated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Top-Rated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Andrade has a high volume cosmetic surgery practice in Newmarket, Ontario. Dr. Andrade started his practice in 2005 and has built a solid reputation for having one of the busiest private surgery clinics in Ontario. Dr. Andrade performs over 750 major and minor surgical procedures every year both in his private clinic, The York Plastic Surgery Centre, and at Southlake hospital in Newmarket. Patients come to see Dr. Andrade from all over Ontario – Greater Toronto Area, MIssissauga, Brampton, Collingwood, Windsor, Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough, Hamilton, Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, St.Catherines, Oakville, Niagara Falls etc.

His top performed surgeries are breast augmentation, breast lift, breast augmentation and lift, gynecomastia, nipple correction, tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift, upper eyelid surgery and earlobe repair. Dr. Andrade does over 300 breast augmentations per year with a total of 500 breast related surgeries each year.

Dr. Andrade performs 150 tummy tuck surgeries per year. Many of these surgeries are combined “mommy makeover” procedures where patients opt to have both breast and tummy operated on at the same time. For the majority of Dr. Andrade’s surgeries including breast and tummy, he has not used drains for years. Rather, he has mastered the drainless technique which is a common reason why patients travel a great distance to have their surgeries in Newmarket.

Major plastic surgeries by Dr. Andrade

Major surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast lift, gynecomastia and abdominoplasty procedures are done under general anaesthetic. Most surgeries are done on an outpatient basis with a minority staying overnight in a hospital setting if the patient has an underlying health issue that requires additional monitoring, if the surgery is very long or if the patient simply prefers a hospital setting.

Minor plastic surgeries at York Plastic Surgery Centre

Dr. Andrade also performs hundreds of minor procedures every year in his clinic. These procedures require only local anaesthetic (ie: inverted nipple repair, torn earlobes, ear plug repairs, and upper eyelid surgery).

Over 90% of Dr. Andrade’s cosmetic surgeries are performed in his modern surgical centre in Newmarket. Most patients prefer a private surgical setting with personalized attention and care. Dr. Andrade’s highly trained team of anaesthesiologists, nurses and coordinators all provide superior care both pre and post operatively.

Often patients refer to our clinic as “Yorkville of the North” as we are 30 minutes north of Toronto in Newmarket off Hwy 404. If you are interested in booking a consultation, please contact our office at 905-898-2519 and one of our 4 cosmetic surgery coordinators can answer any questions you may have.