The York Plastic Surgery Centre Client Experience

The York Plastic Surgery Centre Client Experience

Patients often comment how they appreciate the high level of personal care at our clinic. It is our team’s goal to deliver exemplary service to every one of our patients from the time they book a consultation, to preparing for surgery, to coming for post-op follow-up visits. Our clinic offers a boutique surgical experience while meeting the high level of CPSO standards at Dr. Andrade’s private state-of-the-art facility.

While patients are often anxious about surgery, our aim is to ensure our patients feel comfortable and are well informed. Here are some examples of what sets us apart:

Booking a consultation:

We have a team of 4 cosmetic surgery coordinators that answer phones and are available to answer any questions patients may have. Dr. Andrade personally responds to email inquiries on our website and our experienced coordinators follow up with each patient.

In-person consultation:

The patient receives a thorough consultation with the surgeon, Dr. Andrade. He believes that a proper in-person assessment with the surgeon is imperative to ensure the patients’ goals can be achieved. A nurse or cosmetic consultant cannot offer the same level of advice as meeting with the surgeon. Angelina, our Cosmetic Surgery Manager works with Dr. Andrade during the consultation to help make the process efficient and seamless.

Best practices for surgery:

Dr. Andrade, who also has a Ph.D. in immunopathology, is on top of industry best practices for surgery. He is constantly administering the latest, research-based surgical techniques for the best possible surgical outcomes. He also makes sure his staff are fully versed and trained on the most up-to-date care protocols.

Preparing for surgery:

Think of Angelina as a concierge for our surgical patients who assists in their journey every step of the way. Any question big or small is addressed by Angelina professionally and promptly. By the time patients have had their surgery, many have gotten to know Angelina very well and appreciate her attentiveness.

Breast Augmentation Sizer appointments:

Making a final decision regarding which implant size to choose can be difficult. We want patients to feel confident in the size they choose so to make things easier, we offer an additional sizing appointment for our breast augmentation patients who book a surgery date with us. Angelina takes great care in helping patients with this process and patients appreciate the time she takes in this regard.

Day of surgery:

Patients are always greeted warmly at the front desk and nerves are calmed once arriving at the clinic. In the pre-op room, we have relaxing music and our nurses ensure that patients are comfortable. Dr. Andrade is known for his high standards for all clinic operations, equipment, and staffing. He is also an Assessor for The College of Physicians and Surgeons whereby he inspects and/or assesses other surgical facilities in Ontario. All of our anaesthesiologists also work at Southlake hospital so they are highly credentialed. Our nurses in the recovery room (PACU) have additional credentialing and experience for this role. They tend to our patients and make sure that everyone understands their post-op care prior to leaving for home.

Post op care and follow-up visits:

Included in our major surgery price packages (where applicable) are binders, surgical bras, scar gel and all follow-up care. This includes at-home nursing visits for our tummy tuck patients to ensure their dressings are changed, clean and dry. Our in-house nurses Rose and Leslee, care for patients when they arrive for their post-op appointment prior to seeing Dr. Andrade. Rose and Leslee are also our surgical nurses as well on all surgery days so patients also have built a relationship with them as well. As Rose and Leslee are trusted by our patients, many of them return for facial injectable and anti-wrinkle treatments by the nurses.

When checking online reviews of Dr. Andrade, you will often see patients write about the amazing staff and the wonderful care they received at all levels of their experience. We take pride in delivering on these expectations to make sure that every patient receives the best experience possible throughout their journeys.

To book a consultation or to reach out to speak with one of our cosmetic surgery coordinators, please call us at 905-898-2519.