Things to consider when thinking about Injectables and Filler Treatments

The York Plastic Surgery Centre always puts patient safety first. As a fully accredited out-of-hospital clinic, Dr. Andrade ensures the highest standards of patient safety, infection control, instrument sterilization, injector training and aftercare service. It is important to find an experienced, well-trained injector before getting any treatment. Rating sites offer an indication of overall patient satisfaction with the injector and/or clinic. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) website is a good resource to see if a provider has current complaints.

Before booking a appointment, here are some tips to consider before getting your treatment and things to avoid after your treatment.

Do not get facial treatments if you are on antibiotics
Patients should wait at least 2 weeks after their last dose before having any injections to avoid complications.

Avoid blood thinners before your treatment
Products such as Aspirin, Advil, vitamin E capsules and wine can be avoided several days before your treatment to reduce bruising.

Avoid facial injectables if pregnant or breastfeeding
It is not recommended to have injectable treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid adverse effects.

Patients with certain disorders should not get facial injectables
If the patient has a known neurological disorder (such as ALS, Myasthenia Gravis) should not get these treatments. Others with cold sores, skin infections and/or facial irritations should wait until their skin clears before getting treatment.

Do not massage your face or lie down immediately after injection
To avoid product spread in unwanted places on the face, patients are advised to avoid manipulating the face or lying down for a few hours after the treatment.

Do not perform strenuous exercise after the treatment
The patient should avoid high impact and strenuous exercise for several hours after the injection.

Avoid the sun after an injection
Sun exposure may discolour or cause differing skin pigmentation at the injection site right after treatment. It is a good idea to limit direct sunlight on the face for several days after.

Our team of highly trained injectors makes it a priority to make sure all of our patients are extremely well informed and our high safety standards reduce the risk of complications. Often cited by patients “Yorkville of the North”, Dr. Andrade and his top injectors provide among the best botox and filler treatments north of Toronto.

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