Thigh Lift Surgery

Dr. Andrade sees many patients who looking for better contouring of their inner thighs. This procedure is sought by people who have redundant skin in this area. Often excess skin in this area will cause legs to rub together and may cause hygiene issues.

Thigh Lift Options

For patients who want a little excess fat removed on the inner thigh, nonsurgical fat treatments or liposuction might be all that is required. However, if there is significant skin laxity, this typically will not be corrected without removing the excess skin. Procedures have been described to hide the incision in the groin crease, but typically the degree of improvement achieved is fairly modest. As another option, Dr. Andrade usually does a procedure where a long strip of excess skin is removed from the entire length of the inner thigh. The results can be more dramatic but the tradeoff is a larger scar running down the inner thigh.

It is important to have a detailed consult including a proper exam. Your surgeon should explain the advantages, risks, recovery and downtime of the thigh lift procedure.

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