Preparing for your surgery with our Cosmetic Surgery Manager

Cosmetic surgery is a big decision for everyone, and it is important that you feel at ease and well informed when finally going ahead. This is where I come in to ensure all of your questions are answered and you feel comfortable during the entire process. Whether you need advice, personalized solutions, or someone to walk you through every step, I am here for you!

Although we provide all of our patients with surgical information and preoperative surgery instructions, you must follow all the instructions correctly to ensure a smooth successful outcome. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that patients ask when preparing for surgery.

All patients are required to get tested for COVID-19 within 48 hours of surgery. The PCR nasopharyngeal swab test is arranged for you at Southlake Hospital in Newmarket.

No solid food after midnight before your surgery. However, you are allowed to consume a small cup (250 ml) of clear fluid 3 hours before surgery. Clear fluids include apple juice, ginger ale, black tea or black coffee. Fluids can provide energy and decrease postoperative nausea. Apple juice is recommended as surgery causes a stress response in your body and the nutrients in the juice will help your body respond better to the stress. It is a good idea to consume up to 3 cups of apple juice the night before surgery as well as this will help with recovery as you regain your strength faster after surgery.

Two weeks before surgery, over-the-counter supplements should be avoided unless advised by your doctor. Herbal supplements are important to avoid as some can increase the risks of bleeding. Most blood-thinners (i.e., Aspirin, Advil etc.) should be stopped several days before surgery. Certain medication for blood pressure or diabetes should be stopped on the day of surgery. Please ensure to clarify your specific medications with Dr. Andrade during your consultation. If your health status changes or you have new symptoms, please contact our office immediately.

Patients who smoke are at a higher risk of post-operative complications as smoking affects the heart, lungs and impairs wound healing. It is strongly recommended to stop smoking a minimum of 4 weeks before surgery for the lungs and immune system to function better.
Alcohol intake should be stopped one day after surgery. Eat three healthy meals a day that includes protein-rich foods as well as fruits and vegetables.

Patients having cosmetic breast surgery already have a surgical bra included in their surgical fee however additional ones can be purchased if desired. Patients are recommended to wear it for 4-6 weeks. Avoid underwire bras for 6 weeks as they will irritate the incisions. Any unpadded, front-closure bra without an underwire will do.

All jewelry and anything else containing metal must be removed to decrease cautery burns. This also pertains to metal hair extension bonds. All nail polish, artificial nails and nail coverings should be removed because of the oxygen monitor that we place on your finger to observe the blood oxygen levels. Do not shave or wax the surgical area several weeks before surgery to decrease the risk of infection.

All patients are advised to shower on the day of surgery as normal however it is advised to refrain from any personal hygiene products such as makeup, facial/body lotions, deodorants/perfumes etc. These products will add bacteria to your skin which will increase the risks of infection.

All patients are asked to wear comfortable clothing on the day of surgery. It is important to wear a button-up or a zip-up top so that it is easy to put on after surgery and for pants, yoga wear or joggers are recommended. Wear easy-to-slip-on shoes.

Cell phones may be brought to the clinic on the day of surgery, but we only allow the phone to be used briefly to call your ride home. Due to patient confidentiality restrictions, we do not allow phones to be out at other times.

If you have more questions about surgery preparation, you are always welcome to call me to chat! I am also available by email at