The Role of an OR Coordinator

Patients are typically aware and focused on what happens before and after surgery, but I would like to take this time to shed some light on what happens behind the scenes. I am the OR Coordinator at The York Plastic Surgery Centre. My day-to-day workload is constantly changing and dictated by our schedule within the clinic.

OR days always keep me on my toes. I help turn over the OR room between patients and clean all the instruments that were used during surgery. Cleaning and sterilizing the instruments is a thorough and time-consuming process that is crucial to our efficiency and the safety of our patients. First, I have the smaller instruments in the ultrasonic as the larger instruments get hand washed. Once they are cleaned, dried, and carefully wrapped they are placed into our autoclave for sterilization.

On days we have clinic, I will be the first face you see the following reception to commence our follow-ups and complete your postoperative photos (as some refer to as “mug shots”).

On days we don’t have patients I will use my time to catch up and prepare for the coming week of surgeries. This typically includes putting OR charts together, picking cases, ordering implants, helping set up the OR for the coming week, and reviewing our current inventory to replenish stock. I always make sure we have enough supplies to last a few weeks of surgeries, as we tend to go through them quickly.

I hope this helps fill any gaps one may have regarding the behind-the-scenes process associated with any potential procedures. I am one of several individuals that help make your experience at The York Plastic Surgery Centre run as smoothly as possible.

I look forward to meeting you!