What to Expect During a Tummy Tuck Consultation?

To prepare for their consultation, we encourage patients to do some research to learn who is a good surgical candidate, how abdominoplasty surgery is performed, the risks/benefits of surgery, and recovery protocols. The York Plastic Surgery Centre website has a great deal of information that will help inform individuals prior to their consultation. We also encourage patients to look at our before and after tummy tuck gallery and search for specific photos that resemble their own body type to see the realistic outcome post-surgery.

Once at the appointment, Dr. Andrade begins with a review of a patient’s medical history and medications (every patient completes an online health questionnaire in advance of their appointment). This helps determine whether there are any factors that may affect the surgery.

Next, Dr. Andrade will discuss with you your specific abdominal concerns, followed by a physical examination. This is a very important step and will include examining the overall skin quality and the amount of excess adipose tissue, location of pre-existing scars, hernias, and loose abdominal muscles.

Dr. Andrade will then review the patient’s options with them and ultimately come up with the best surgical plan. Every patient will leave with a quote and an information folder.

It is very important to note, a tummy tuck is not a weight loss solution, and patients should try to reach their goal weight prior to booking a consultation. The more weight a patient can lose on their own, the more dramatic their results will be. Technically, Dr. Andrade can perform a tummy tuck on patients with a BMI as high as 35 if there are no other health issues, but better results are usually achieved for patients with a BMI less than 30.

We charge a $100 fee for a 30-minute consultation with the surgeon, Dr. Andrade. If surgery is booked, this fee is applied towards the total. We do not offer virtual consultations as it is not possible for the surgeon to do a proper examination of the abdomen. Many factors unique to each patient are very important in determining the best surgical outcome for the patient.

Dr. Andrade’s Cosmetic Surgery Manager, Angelina, is also present during the consultation and will be able to assist with any questions following the consultation and to help our patients be well prepared for their surgery.