Correction of Inverted or Everted Nipples

Nipple correction is a commonly requested procedure, which can be done as a minor operation under local anesthetic or combined with other chest procedures like breast augmentation or breast lift. It is important for your surgeon to take a proper history to rule out anything suspicious like new nipple discharge, lumps or retraction. Although inverted nipples are typically a normal finding, new nipple retraction can be a sign of underlying breast disease. On the other hand, if you are seeing your surgeon because your nipples are too prominent, it is important to get a sense of how much smaller you want them to be. This includes whether you want them to project less from your chest, to have a smaller diameter or both.

Dr. Andrade typically corrects inverted nipples using a small incision along the inferior border of the nipple, where it is less visible. The ligaments and ducts deep to the nipple are cut so they no longer tether and retract the nipple. Dissolving sutures are used to keep the nipple everted until it heals. Correction of prominent nipples involves removing excess nipple tissue and suturing the wounds with dissolving sutures. Regardless of the type of procedure, postoperative care involves avoiding pressure to the nipple for at least 4 weeks while it heals. Most people will purchase nipple shields for this purpose. A simple bandage and polysporin dressing can be applied daily until the incisions are no longer draining, and showering is permitted within 48 hours. You can increase the likelihood of a successful procedure by avoiding pressure or chafing to the nipples as they are healing.

Complications are uncommon, but some potential issues include bleeding, infection, wound healing problems or scarring. Rarely the blood supply to the nipple is affected and the nipple will not survive, which is called necrosis. It is important to realize that breastfeeding will not be possible after the procedures employed by Dr. Andrade. As with any operation, sometimes a revision is necessary. However, the majority of patients are very happy with their results. If you would like to have a more thorough discussion of the procedure you are welcome to contact the clinic. Dr. Andrade performs hundreds of breast operations every year so he is very experienced with these operations.

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