Breast Augmentation


Dr. William Andrade is an experienced, highly trained board certified Plastic Surgeon (MD, PhD, FRCSC) who is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Southlake Regional Health Centre.  

Dr. Andrade is the sole owner of The York Plastic Surgery Centre – a beautiful, modern surgical clinic that offers a professional and welcoming experience for all patients who come to the facility.  

Dr. Andrade has been in practice since 2005 and has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries. He is proud of his 5 Star Rating on RateMDs and Realself.


 How are we above the crowd?

  • We are among the top 10 clinics in Canada by volume of implants inserted yearly, according to our breast implant supplier
  • Our main focus & expertise is breast implant and body contouring surgery 
  • Dr. Andrade trained at U of T, learning the same skills and techniques as the heavily-marketed surgeons in Toronto.  
  • Our beautiful clinic is conveniently located right off Highway 404, only 15 minutes north of Highway 407.  Parking is free.
  • Our fees are often thousands of dollars lower than  comparable procedures done in Toronto, by a surgeon with similar experience.  Why pay more just to cover a Toronto surgeon’s high overhead expenses?


How much Does Breast Augmentation Cost at our clinic?

Our prices are highly competitive and include scar gel, surgical bra and all post op visits with Dr. Andrade.

Saline Implants – $6,800

Round Silicone Gel “Gummy Bear” Implants – $7,400

Ideal Implant – $8,200

HST is added to these prices 

Consultations – Free Consultation Promotion

We are currently offering a promotion for a Free Consultation with Dr. Andrade.  Call our Patient Care Coordinator at 905-898-2519 to book your consultation.

Dr. Andrade never performs a “virtual consult” since a proper breast examination is an essential part of the consultation.  Similarly he performs the  majority of the consultation himself (some surgeons rely on non-medical “cosmetic consultants” for this important role).


VECTRA 3D Imaging

The York Plastic Surgery Centre also offers the added benefit of the Vectra 3D imaging system to give patients a personalized virtual image of the desired outcome. During the visit, patients will gain an overall understanding of the operation, and the risks, benefits and healing time. Important considerations include the type and size of implant, location of the incision, and position of the implant in the body.

Our Patient Care Approach

The York Plastic Surgery Centre employs a highly skilled surgical team including fully credentialed anaesthesiologists who all work at Southlake Hospital.  After surgery, patients receive a call from Dr. Andrade the same evening and a nurse will follow up the next business day.  Dr. Andrade personally sees all patients at their post operative appointments at the clinic ensuring a high standard of post op patient care.

Downtime After Surgery

Dr. Andrade never makes false claims that patients will fully recover in only one day.  Beware the “24 Hour Recovery Breast Augmentation” marketing claim.  No surgeon can change the fact that breast tissue takes many weeks to heal after any operation, no matter how meticulous or careful the surgical technique.  The majority of Dr. Andrade’s patients report feeling well and have returned to their typical self-care activities within only a few days.  Nonetheless, they still need to be mindful of their unique healing progress and lifestyle demands, then modify their daily work and exercise activities accordingly.  For example, a person with a sedentary lifestyle and desk job will return to their regular activities sooner than someone who engages in rigorous exercise and has an active occupation.

How we Optimize Results for our Patients

Dr. Andrade uses the following comprehensive process with patient safety, guided healing, and cosmetic outcomes all being high priorities:

  • Implant selection based on anatomy, sizers, 3D imaging, photos
  • Precise incision and creation of the implant pocket under direct vision with fiberoptic retractor (never blunt tearing of the tissue)
  • Minimal implant handling, use of Keller Funnel, nipple shields and other techniques (so called “No-touch Technique”) to minimize risks
  • Examination of the patient both laying down and sitting up to ensure the implants are in good position before the end of the procedure
  • Layered wound closure with antibiotic-treated sutures to minimize tension on the scar and decrease infection risk
  • Multiple postoperative phone calls and appointments with the surgeon and nurses to ensure that healing is optimal

View our video animation of breast augmentation. Or view our extensive Breast Surgery Photo Gallery


Choosing Breast Implants – Advantage of a Proper Surgical Consult

Many people find it confusing to find the best implants for their body type.  Dr. Andrade uses these steps to help you pick the best possible implant.

  1. Listen carefully to the person’s desired outcome.  Often clients will bring photographs of other people who have their desired result.
  2. Thorough breast assessment taking into consideration dimensions, tissue thickness, skin tone, nipple position, chest shape, and overall body type.
  3. Trying on sizers:  Dr. Andrade has a wide range of round an teardrop-shaped implants that patients can insert under a special unpadded surgical bra, thereby seeing the actual implants on their chest.
  4. Vectra 3D technology to provide a virtual idea of how the appearance could change after breast augmentation.

View more information about preparing for surgery, post-op care, and choosing implants.

Other breast surgeries include: Augmentation/Breast Lift combined procedure.

Disclaimer: photos on this page are models.  Refer to Dr. Andrade’s gallery for surgical outcomes.



Breast Augmentation

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"Yorkville of the North"™

Conveniently located off highway 404 in Newmarket Ontario, The York Plastic Surgery Centre is a cosmetic surgical to facility that meets CPSO regulatory standards of safety, technology and patient care. Dr. Andrade is a trusted member of the healthcare community. Also, all of the medical staff that work at the facility include board certified anaesthesiologists and fully credentialed OR nurses.

Operations performed at the facility are done on an out-patient basis with in home nursing care as needed. Patients requiring more complex surgeries stay overnight at the hospital.

The entire staff  at The York Plastic Surgery Centre work hard to make every patient feel welcome, comfortable and well informed.

Disclaimer: Images and videos on this page are models.  See Dr. Andrade's photo gallery for hundreds of actual patient outcomes.  It is not possible to guarantee a specific result because outcomes vary from patient to patient.

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