Breast Augmentation 3D Imaging System

Our 3D imager is a digital tool used by many plastic surgeons to help patients visualize their post-surgical results. People seeking breast augmentation surgery often pick The York Plastic Surgery Centre as we use this machine during our breast augmentation consultations. Our patients find it helpful in deciding on their implant size by virtually “trying them on”.

This machine consists of 6 HD cameras that are positioned to capture multiple angles of the patient’s breast simultaneously. It then produces 3D images that showcase the results on the patient’s body.

3D Image Technology

The 3D imager is equipped with a database containing all implant options that are currently available on the market (type, shape, size, profile etc). These photos can be rotated to any angle and include precise measurements which add educational value when making a decision about which implant to choose.

Although the 3D system is useful with our breast augmentation consultations, not every patient is a good candidate. If a patient has breast sagging, the system will not be able to capture a proper image as it cannot see under the breasts. In this case, it is recommended the patient try on sizers during the consultation which gives the patient a sense of how the result will look.

It is also important to realize that neither 3D imaging nor trying on sizers can perfectly predict your final breast size. However, by combining these two techniques with a proper in-person consultation (in which detailed breast measurements are taken and before-and-after pictures are seen) the majority of patients are happy with their final implant selection.

Dr. Andrade, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Andrade has earned a reputation for being among the best plastic surgeons in the area who specializes in breast and body contouring surgeries. The York Plastic Surgery Centre is also one of the Top 10 Clinics in Canada with the volume of breast augmentation surgeries performed each year as noted by our implant supplier.