The “One-Day-Recovery” Breast Implant Requests

We are often contacted by patients asking if we specialize in “One Day Recovery Breast Implants”, or a similar request.   Our goal is to provide excellent care and postoperative follow-up so our patients recover quickly.  However, we want to set realistic expectations when it comes to healing to prevent serious complications. 

The good news about breast augmentation is that most patients are feeling well within a few days of surgery and back to light work within a week. However, claims that a person will fully recover a day after surgery are simply untrue.   In fact, patients who over-exert themselves could suffer complications such as bleeding, implants shifting out of place, or delayed wound healing.  A more realistic approach is to recommend gradually returning to regular activities within 4-6 weeks.

Our patients are investing significant time and funds into having breast or body surgery, so we strive to minimize risk and maximize outcomes, including using caution when it comes to healing.  We want our patients to have the best results possible!

Do Research About Plastic Surgeons

It is important to do your research prior to deciding to have breast augmentation surgery, then choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who will have an honest and thorough discussion about the operation, potential risks, anticipated results and healing time.  

The term “no downtime breast implants” is a marketing term rather than a reality.  No surgical technology exists to make surgical wounds heal within 24 hours. Otherwise, surgeons of all types would be using this technique.  Patients should be wary of booking surgery with surgeons who make unrealistic claims, regardless of the operation. 

Dr. Andrade performs hundreds of breast augmentation procedures yearly (one of the top implant clinics in the province by volume).  We provide straightforward advice without any gimmicks or pressure to book surgery.