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At The York Plastic Surgery Centre we see hundreds of people seeking minor surgery to remove lumps or blemishes. The most common lesions that Dr. Andrade removes are on the surface of the skin (ie: moles and age spots called seborrheic keratosis).

Lumps that present under the surface of the skin are often cysts and lipomas. Cysts are little marble like collections that have the consistency of a thick paste, and lipomas are benign fatty lumps.

Prior to Mole Removal Procedure

Prior to having any procedure, it is important that your doctor review the risks, healing time and the extent of scarring. Your doctor will also explain if a non surgical procedure is a better option, like a topical treatment, laser etc. Your family doctor can help you decide who would be the best specialist for your skin issue or you can call our office for advice.

Mole Removal Advantages

There are significant advantages to having a plastic surgeon perform a skin procedure. The sheer volume of minor and major operations performed by surgeons mean that they are comfortable with surgical techniques, anatomy as well as minimizing complications.

Also, The York Plastic Surgery Centre is officially designated as an “out-of-hospital” clinic (as listed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons on their website). This means that the clinic operates at a very high standard in terms of staff training, instrument sterilization, and cleaning protocols – an entirely different level of quality control compared to most dermatology and family practice clinics.

Dr. Andrade, located in Newmarket, ON is a trusted surgeon who has a 5-star rating on RateMDs and Realselft.com